Hello to the world

Hello !

We are INNOOV. 

INNOOV is an innovation company which help someone perform to the best of their potential. We help for both teams and individuals. 

We have opened up our business about an year and a half ago. We are located in Tokyo, Japan. 

We have decided to dispatch what we do to the world because of an event “Fastcoral” that we have attended about 10 days ago.

Fastgrow × Coral Capital

At the event, we have heard that Japanese start-up companies don’t offer information in English so it is hard to get information about Japanese start-up for people who don’t know Japanese. Also we heard that those people are very curious about start-up things.

So we thought this is a big opportunity to let people know of us.  

This is very first time to write our company in English. It might be awkward sometimes because it is not easy to explain what we do. (Honestly I felt difficulty even when I explain in Japanese)

We will update our blog in English from now on.


Ask us anything you would like to know!

Thank you for your reading:)



We mainly post photos and stories on Instagram. 

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